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As a single Parent like most, I struggled to find a balance between work and my sons ever rising needs. After many years of guidance and employment from one of the leading names in the Carpet Cleaning industry, I decided to end my time with the company and set up EXCEL CARPET CLEAN.

Having the belief I had acquired the skills and knowledge to maintain the highest standards of work whilst offering a more affordable cost to the wider market.

With help from my family I was able to purchase top of the range equipment. Having sourced a supplier of Prochem the UK's No1 carpet cleaning solutions, I am proud to be able to offer a service to rival the very best.

Based in Lymington covering areas New forest, Southampton, Christchurch, Bournemouth


  1. To provide an Honest, Professional & Affordable service to the wider market.

My time under employment saw me learn not only the skills and knowledge to perform a high standard clean, but to also deliver a professional friendly approach.

In particular the two senior technicians taught me not only the common skills required but also their wider range of skills and knowledge gained over 20 years experience, things you do not learn in books or courses.

The company also provided a wider range of cleaning services and served many high profile contracts. They provided a premium service but with a price to match. Although I truly enjoyed my time under employment as my personal circumstances began to change I was often left thinking about the possibilities of going out alone, knowing my skill set and dedication to my work would allow me to provide a similar service without all the overheads leading to a more affordable solution to all markets.

  1. To chase the dream balance between work and family

As im sure you are aware that life is forever changing and throwing up all sorts of challenges and rewards. After a change in my personal circumstances and my Son coming to live with me, I switched between reducing my hours and full time with child care. Taking all instances into account the one clear thing remained was that slightly above the minimum wage was never going to be sufficient for the modern day rising expenses.

With the company starting new ownership from the beginning of the year and a suggestion of a suitable pay increase denied, I believed now was the time to invest and trust in myself.

With help from my family I was able to quickly acquire the equipment required, a van and all the start up requirements needed to perform the highest standard of clean without nasty loans and credit commitments. This allows me to maintain my goal to provide a fair price that provides the high end market a cheaper solution whilst also bringing the same services to the wider market at a price that's affordable for everyone.

Price Promise

Although I aim to provide a more affordable service my costs must still allow me to provide both the time and care taken to meet the high standards I offer. Whilst there are cheaper alternatives or companies out there I can't stress enough “avoid at all costs” these companies do not offer a Professional Clean and can cause serious damage to your carpets or furniture. Likewise home based machines such as Rug Doctor and sprays such as Vanish should also be used with caution.

Why Excel Carpet Clean

Excel Carpet Clean Use the highly rated Airflex Storm machine pictured above, along with the magma water heater and a wide range of Prochem Chemicals.

We offer a hot water/steam clean method which throughout my time and knowledge of the industry regard as the best cleaning method to use. As with all things clean, you can’t beat steam. From washing dishes to clothes, even our body's hot water is always present.

Whilst dry cleaning may seem like a more convenient option given no dry time, without water you create a risk that any foam or chemical applied to your carpet may remain after extraction. Dry cleaning also can involve a lot of unnecessary scrubbing to your carpet, causing dry friction, pile burning, decompression of pile or pile burst depending on your style of carpet.

I have a wide range of liquid, gel and powdered cleaning solutions suitable for all makes and styles of carpets and carpet backings. For example liquid solvent cleaners used for stains such as make up and chewing gum can cause damage to a rubber backed carpet meaning a gel cleaner would be a safer option. I also have chemicals suitable for cleaning full wool fibres and carpets.

All my prices include a full “deep clean” this is a term used by cheaper often franchised companies to increase the cost quoted claiming the standard £14.99 p/room clean will not remove any tough staining, leaving you feeling trapped into spending more money. Do your research beforehand reviews are key to any decision made.

My Promise to you

Although I will never guarantee to remove any stain I can assure you the greatest effort will be applied.

  1. I will Prespray your carpets using a Professional shampoo to help with light staining and to perform a general clean.

  2. I will proceed to treat all walkways, entrances and heavily soiled area's with a more specific cleaning solution as well as agitating any areas carefully to fully penetrate your carpets pile.

  3. Using hot water! the extraction process begins. It is often common practice to use the shampoo within this solution cutting out the prespray process for time saving reasons. I believe this can lead to chemical residue remaining in your carpet, this can leave your carpets looking worse just weeks after your clean. I do however mix into the water solution a Deodoriser/Sanitiser product and a fabric and fibre restorer to rebalance the Ph levels in your carpet. Both products are completely harmless.

  4. As I clean I will individually treat all stains using different water based solutions for areas such as food & drink. Different solvent based solution's are applied for stains such as make up and chewing gum.

  5. I will also move and return all furniture where possible as agreed prior to clean commencing, taking care to avoid placing wooden or metal items onto a wet carpet and placing protective pads under furniture when replaced. This stops any rusting or bleeding of furniture dye into your carpet. It is advised to leave these pads in place for 24-48 hrs after clean.

  6. Lastly it is important once all chemicals have been rinsed and extracted to work over the carpet several times using just the vacuum of my machine. This insures carpets are left feeling touch dry within 2 hours.

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